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Studio Perrotta is a Tax, Audit, Corporate Finance/Law & Strategic Consulting Firm founded in Varese in the late '80s by Dr. Prof. Antonio Perrotta.

The Firm, basically a Chartered Accountant fully licensed office, has nowadays developed and consolidated its activities of advisory on Accounting, Tax, Audit, Payroll, Strategy, M&A, Corporate Law and Corporate Finance until reaching a branched and efficient structure: the operating range now covers Varese, Lecco, Milano, Pesaro, Roma and Lugano.

Studio Perrotta is able to offer a complete, wide and integrated range of services to the Customer, responding to all recurring operational needs for SME’s and providing tangible and innovative business solutions.

The Firm assists both Companies and Private Individuals in any matter regarding the compliance with Tax and Business Administration in Italy: we can advise from the start-up to the selling of a business, and take care of all the required accounting, reporting, auditing and tax fulfillments.

Our staff is also skilled in budgeting, controlling, corporate governance, tax return submission, book-keeping, tax planning, transfer pricing, due diligence, business evaluation, business planning, temporary and crisis management, private equity and listing/delisting.

The Team of Studio Perrotta consists of a Professional owner, Dr. Prof. Antonio Perrotta, two consultants, Dr. Simone Perrotta and Dr. Alessandro Strada, and a reliable staff with Marica, Nicoletta, Roberta, Davide and Lorenzo; in addition the Firm has a wide range of of-counsel and specialist for any specific area.
The philosophy is to assist the Customer in any need and become a solid and trusted operating partner: do not hesitate to contact us for a free meeting.

Please find us at:

Via Vasche n. 2 - Casciago 21020 (VA)
Tel. 0332.22.55.18 - Fax. 0332.22.16.32
Email: info@studioperrotta.eu; simone.perrotta@studioperrotta.eu
Mobile: Dr. Simone Perrotta 0039.349.8400802